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Shenzhen Chunxing CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.

is an listed company on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011-it is the subsidiary of Suzhou Chunxing Precision Mechanical Co., Ltd.(Stock Code:002547). Since the establishment of this company, it has been holding the business philosophy of "creating an international Chunxing with innovation and service", adhering to the long-term strategic approach:control risks...

Warmly celebrate our patent for invention through a spiral
Warmly celebrate our patent for invention through a spiral
Warmly celebrate our successful application for utility model patent certificate
Warmly celebrate our successful application for utility model patent certificate!
Die casting mold knowledge 1: damage analysis of die casting mold
1.Molddamageanalysis Indiecastingproduction,themostcommonformofmolddamageiscrackingandcracking.Stressisthemaincauseofmolddamage.Thermal,mechanical,chemical,andoperationalshocksaresourcesofstress,inclu
Prospects of China's Die Casting Industry
The rapid development of China's national economy for many years has made it a world-famous one. After entering the WTO, it is even more impressive. In the pattern of many industrial sectors and all